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Is it just us or are you also tired of late payments, constant calls to the finance team and last minute cancellations without any compensation?

It’s time to cover your back as a freelancer, because you’re a business too.

Together with a top lawyer The Freelance Circle has created a contract that freelancers can use and edit to protect themselves from bad business practices.

For £35 the contract will cover you for:

  • Day rate & over time fees
  • Late cancellation fees
  • Payment terms and late payment fees
  • Creative ownership of work
  • General legal rights

Just let us know the following details, pay via Paypal and a personalised contract will be whisking its way to your inbox within 24 hours.


Thinking of getting into the freelance industry? Not sure how to start and need some support? Or perhaps you’ve been freelancing for a few years and not sure how to take the next step up in your career?

The Freelance Circle offers several tiers of consultancy and coaching, all at reasonable price points, to help you take control of your own career.
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