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NYC ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ Act

“The app launches today as a pilot, with about 30 attorneys active in the NYC area, according to Pearce. And while the union isn’t involved in brokering the agreement between attorney and client, in general, they said, attorneys in this field tend to take cases on contingency. They understand that “if you are dealing with freelancers they won’t be able to pay lawyers fees,” Pearce explained (to be clear, assuming you win your case, the court directs the hiring party to pay your lawyer).”

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A totally free invoicing app – Nice!

Freelancing can be slightly daunting when it comes to finances, that’s why the team at The F/C use any app or website that make our lives easier. Cue Albert. A totally free app to help you send personalised invoices no matter where you are in the world (great for a long trip to Bali, just saying…).

The best bit is it’s created by a team of freelancers, so they really know what us freelancers need. Here’s 3 features of the app we think are worth shouting about:

Status timeline: This gives you flexibility to change dates, such as backdating invoices for instance. It will also allow you to include payment terms, such as payment due dates. And lastly it includes a status timeline which basically means you can be notified if and when your invoice has been read or bounced.
Invoices look slick: Add your own logo as well as change the colour of invoices from a wide range & choice of colours, and finally to also preview it before sending it.
One tap file sharing: Just share your .CSV spreadsheet file containing all the data from all your invoices within the app, to your own email or your accountant’s email.

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Netflix: The perks of a company

Companies are upping their game when it comes to benefits and culture. Some are just words, and some mean business. They know that employees expect more… They don’t want a mediocre 9 – 5 white wall office space anymore. They want benefits, excitement and to feel invested in.

Here’s the Netflix job spec and culture identity. We think it’s pretty awesome.

Culture at Netflix 

How to go freelance

It’s suggested that 60% of graduates in 2016 said they didn’t want a full time job and instead wanted a flexible work life balance. This is just one of the reasons for the boom in freelance. ‘It’s Nice That’ and some freelance creatives share their tips on how to go freelance.

*Image by Owen Gildersleeve

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A study on the gig economy

At The F/C we love interesting studies and stats about the future of work. We recently came across this Elance study discussing the transformation of UK graduate career aspirations and what this means for businesses. Grab a cuppa and have a read.

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A letter from a freelancer

“As a freelancer I am always passionate about working for great brands and doing my best on every job. But I’m starting to get fed up of not being credited or actually more to the point, notified, if the work I create for you and your brands goes live.

After speaking to my fellow freelancers I realised I am not alone in this frustration. Now please don’t get me wrong, when I saw my work on TV I was very happy, I love seeing my ideas out in the world. I excitedly emailed the company asking whether the rest of the campaign my art director and I created would be produced and guess what? No. Reply.”

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Forbs: Mastering the gig economy

Call them what you will: contingent workers, freelancers, gig workers, fractional employees. Regardless, they make up a powerful, agile, and talented cohort that has caught the eye of companies of all sizes. By 2020, they’re poised to represent more than 40% of the workforce , and they’ve already disrupted the hiring process.

…. This seismic shift toward a recruitment market economy has allowed highly talented gig hunters to become ridiculously selective. That’s why employers need ridiculously smart strategies to woo the crème de la crème.

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Digital Mums #WorkThatWorks Movement

“The Digital Mums #WorkThatWorks Movement aims for flexible working to be seen as the norm for everyone and not just the reserve of a ‘lucky’ few. We believe the rigid and restrictive ‘9 to 5 coat-on-chair’ culture should be assigned to the past.

To kick-start this societal shift we want the government to clean up the F-word….We believe this definition should be changed from solely describing  ‘a way of working that suits an employee’s needs’ to ‘work that works for employees and businesses’.

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Currently, creativity is in a workplace straitjacket

Could our inflexible, outdated working systems be holding us back? Currently we’re in a ‘groupthink’ situation where 88% of all creative is shaped by a homogenised group of creatives (male, white, educated) within a traditional 9-6pm time structure. To creatively outrun artificial intelligence, it’s time to add in fresh, divergent perspectives into the mix, fast. To do that, we have to rewrite the workplace.

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